Improve First-try pregnancy by over 300%.
The only Male fertility test to predict pregnancy.

100% Privacy

Cap-Score Home collection Kit is delivered right at your home. No hassle of visiting a Lab or Clinic. Click the "Order a Kit" button on the top right to sign-up and order a kit with 100% privacy.

Save Time and Cost

No appointment or clinic visit required. Cap-Score test provides your fertility score along with the information found in a regular semen analysis like the sperm count, motility and volume.

Informed Choice

Get an informed decision on whether you need IUI, IVF, ICSI or you can father naturally. Cap-Score gives you the full picture on your fertility.

Right Intervention

Cap-Score enables your physician to choose the right line of treatment to enable you to conceive a child. Cap-Score is a treatment enabler.

Call this number anytime to know how Cap-Score™ can help you or leave a voicemail for a callback.

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More than 3000 men
successfully tested

"We now have a tool to properly assess male fertility. We no longer need to rely solely on a semen analysis. The addition of Cap-Score to the clinical evaluation of male fertility offers a functional measure that will help clinicians better counsel couples on how much intervention may or may not be needed”

- Eric Seaman, MD, of New Jersey Urology

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